Make A Payment

New and existing clients can easily make a secure, on-line payment directly from a bank account by clicking here:
Secure Payments

By paying on-line, you incur no fees, and you save the cost of a postage stamp.  Your payment will be securely handled by PaySimple.  PaySimple is a payment processing software that provides you with a secure, safe way to pay your invoice.  Your payment will be posted as of the same day you post the payment, and you will receive an instant email confirmation of your payment.

To make an on-line payment without setting up an account, click on the above link, then click on “Click Here to Pay Now.”  On the next page, enter the file number from your invoice and provide your information. Then click “Pay Now.” That’s all there is to it.
If you anticipate making more than one on-line payment, click on the above link, set up an account to save your bank account information and track multiple payments, and then enter your payment information as outlined in the preceding paragraph.