Areas of Practice

The attorneys of Garvin, Agee, Carlton, P.C. have extensive experience in a broad range of civil litigation and other civil matters. We have successfully represented clients (and/or are currently representing clients) in the following types of matters:
General Civil Practice Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Professional Malpractice
Property Damage Litigation Insurance Litigation Business & Commercial Litigation
Miscellaneous Litigation Real Estate Probate and
Estate Administration
Trusts and Estate Planning Oil & Gas Municipal Law
Debt Collection Bankruptcy Mediation
Adoptions Guardianships Arbitration
Appellate Practice Construction Law Employment Law 

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

We have represented people and the heirs of people who suffered moderate injuries, severe injuries (including quadriplegia and sever burns) or death in a wide variety of cases. Some of our cases have involved:

Automobile accidents (single-car and multiple car)
Truck accidents (truck-automobile collisions) - Article
 Home explosion caused by leaking gas
Bicycle accidents (automobile-bicycle collisions)
Toxic exposures (such as asbestos, formaldehyde, meth lab fumes/chemicals and H2S gas)
Oilfield and Industrial accidents
Defective products (such as vaccines, medications, power saws, automobile seats, seatbelts, and airbags)
Dram-shop cases (cases against bar owners for auto accident caused by bar's intoxicated customer)
Slip-and-fall accidents
Trip-and-fall accidents
Pedestrian/Runner accidents
Shooting accidents
Nursing home neglect of resident 

Professional Malpractice

Actions against hospitals, medical doctors, oral surgeons, dentists, accountants, and lawyers. - Article

Property Damage Litigation 

Oil-field damages (lawsuits involving land damaged by oil-field operations)
Erosion of land caused by negligence of pipeline companies
Defective products causing property damage 


Insurance Litigation
- Article

Bad-faith failure to pay insurance proceeds, such as:

life insurance claim, contested because of insurer's claim that insured committed suicide
credit-life insurance claim, contested because of insurer's claim that insured could do other work
fire insurance claim, contested because of insurer's claim that insured intentionally burned the insured premises
uninsured motorist insurance
business property insurance, contested because of ambiguous policy language
health insurance, where insurer paid only what it deemed reasonable and customary 


Business and Commercial Litigation

 Breach of Warranty
Breach of Contract
Construction contracts & mechanics' and materialmen's lien foreclosures
Disputes between co-owners of businesses
Disputes between employers and past/present employees


Miscellaneous Litigation

Libel and Slander
Malicious Prosecution & Abuse of Process
Wrongful execution 
 Suits against trustee for embezzlement and breach of fiduciary duty


Real Estate

 Quiet-Title Suits
Partition Actions
Fraudulent Transfer actions (to execute upon property transferred to defraud creditors)
Title Examinations
Deeds, Contracts, options, mortgages, easements and all other instruments affecting real property
 Real Estate Closings

Probate - Article

 Probates and Administration of Estates
Estate Tax returns
Contests of Wills (contesting a will signed by one who was incompetent or under the influence of fraud or duress) 


Trusts/Estate Planning - Article

Simple and Complex Trusts
Revocable/Irrevocable Trusts
Trusts for Estate Planning
Trusts to Avoid Probate/Estate Administration
Trusts to Minimize Estate Tax
Marital Deduction Trusts/Wills
QTIP Wills/Trusts
Estate Tax Planning
Gift Planning
Family Business Planning
Probate Avoidance
Elder Law Issues
Durable Powers of Attorney
Health Care Directives
Irrevocable Insurance Trusts
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Use of Wills, Trusts, Family Partnership Agreements, and all other Appropriate Media to Accomplish Estate Planning Goals 
Contests of Trusts (contesting a trust signed by one who was incompetent or under the influence of fraud or duress) 


Oil & Gas - Article

Mineral Deeds/Conveyances
Oil and Gas Leases
Assignments of Oil and Gas Leases
Oil and Gas Liens
Oil and Gas Mortgages
Surface Damage Act Compliance 


Municipal Law

General Representation of Cities and Towns
Condemnation (Eminent Domain) Actions


Debt Collection - Article

Suits to collect accounts receivable, unsecured notes and secured notes
Replevins (Prejudgment Repossessions)
Asset Hearings (examinations of debtor or others under oath to find assets to satisfy a judgment)
Skip-tracing and Asset Searches



Representation of creditors in all kinds of bankruptcy proceedings, including but not limited to confirmation hearings, valuation hearings, and adversary proceedings (contesting the granting of a discharge or the dischargeability of a particular debt).